How much does it cost to create a Website 2018 Nigeria?

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How much does it cost to create a website is a frequent question asked by startup and business who wish to design/redesign their business website. However, there is no static price for designing/development a website. Because all website are not same and equal, the cost of designing a website is based on what the website is meant to do and size of business.

Sometime, the cost of creating a website is also determined by the client’s budget and business goal.

At Palment, we usually ask questions like: What is your budget towards this project? What Impact do you want the website to have to your business? What website do you want your website to look like?

The cost of building a website varies based on business demography and market value in a location.

The cost of designing a website varies based on who is handling the project. Are hiring a freelancer, a junior developer, a senior developer, a designer & developer combined or an agency.

The truth is also that a website is not built at once, is a continuous process. So we advice startups to start with they have and improve on the long run. Sometimes client may something like: I want a website exactly like Website A or Website B, while website A & B has exit for over 5 year. It doesn’t work like that. It’s a continuous process.

However, the cost of building a website is the determine by the following

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Framework
  • Theme & Plug-in
  • Development Fee

When thinking of creating a website the following point should be considered

  • Do you want a custom website (code from scratch)? – Only experienced developer can manage this type of website
  • Do you want a Content Management System (CMS) base website? – Easy to manage ( WordPress, Joomla, SqureSpace are mostly preferred option).
  • What features do you need NOW & LATER?
  • Which other business website features do you want to be on your website?
  • Do you want purchase your domain and hosting yourself while the developer just do the development or you want the developer to handle all aspect of the development process.


Let’s outline the cost of building. We will be discussing three (3) type of website namely:

  • Startup Website
  • Corporate Business Website
  • E-commerce Website


Cost of creating a Startup Website.

Startup tends to be simple and have limited number of pages (1-10 pages website)


Domain name                                    N5,000 (yearly)

Hosting                                                 N5,000                  to           N20,000 (yearly)

Theme & Plug-in                              N20,000                to           N25,000

Development Fee                            N50,000                to            N100,000

Roughly Cost:                             N80,000                to            N150,000



Cost of creating a Corporate Business Website

This maybe more complex than the startup website (10-30 pages website)


Domain name                                    N5,000 (yearly)

Hosting                                                 N15,000                to            N30,000 (yearly)

Theme & Plugin                                N30,000                to           N50,000

Development Fee                           N100,000             to            N150,000

Roughly Cost:                           N150,000             to           N250,000



Cost of creating  an E-Commerce Website

E-commerce website is a website allows customers make purchase directly online without visit physical shop or office.


Domain Name                                   N5,000 (yearly)

Hosting + SSL Certificate               N50,000                to            N100,000

Theme & Plug-in                              N100,000             to            N150,000

Payment Gateway (There are many free payment to choose from, however they charge per traction. But if you want to use InterSwitch. They  charge N150,000 yearly.

Development Free:                        N150,000             to            N500,000

Roughly cost:                            N250,000             to            N3,000,000



I hope this article has been of help in answering your questions. If you have further questions, please put your comments down or contact us today!